Voted, Winner of the Biz X Magazine Award for,
“Super Hero Debt Relief Fighter.”

Debt Fighter - Helping you remove debt from your lifeYes, budgeting holds little excitement, until people learn about its secrets – secrets that can make your financial dreams come true.

Not only was she not judgemental or indignant, on the contrary, Brenda couldn’t have been more compassionate, understanding and supportive.  She immediately put me at ease and suggested that I “stop beating myself up”.

Brenda was very helpful.  She gave me a positive outlook for my financial future by providing me with an informative and hopeful outlook.  Thanks for helping me to sleep at night again.

Brenda was exceptional.  Thank you.

Brenda ROCKS!  Having explained everything to me in a way I can understand, has given me the feeling that waking up in the morning is not a bad thing.

Brenda helped us with everything and did not make us feel little.  We were well informed.  We will walk out feeling like we were on our honeymoon.

I found Brenda very sympathetic and encouraging.  She is perfect in her role as counsellor.

Brenda was very easy to talk to.  I felt very comfortable talking with her – she was very calm and made me feel at ease.

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